New Volkswagen ID.4s in Newark, CA

Discover New Volkswagen ID.4s in Newark, CA

In the evolving scene of electric vehicles, the new Volkswagen ID.4 will emerge as a symbol of innovation. It has advanced technology and continues the enduring appeal of the Volkswagen brand. If you're ready to learn more about the innovative compact SUV, please visit our Newark, CA dealership.

Winn Volkswagen Newark CA


We carry new vehicles that push the boundaries of the SUV segment. The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 uses an electric powertrain to take you around San Francisco. Some of the models even come with an EV increased driving range. The new ID.4 has an upgraded motor, with rear-wheel drive models boasting 282 horsepower. ID.4 models fitted with an all-wheel drivetrain offer 330 horsepower. The SUV's platform optimizes the weight distribution for a balanced ride around San Jose. The ID.4's performance capabilities contribute to its active disposition and underscores Volkswagen's commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable mobility solutions.


Volkswagen has outfitted the 2024 VW ID.4 with a comprehensive group of cutting-edge technologies that elevate the driving experience. The system comes with a responsive touchscreen interface. This system will seamlessly integrate with smartphone functions and works with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

There is an advanced driver-assistance system, including adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist to enhance safety. This setup will contribute to a more enjoyable driving experience. The upgraded ID.4 has connectivity with over-the-air updates, making sure the SUV remains at the head of technological advancements throughout its life cycle. Volkswagen's pledge regarding technological innovation places the ID.4 as a fundamental candidate in the electric SUV segment.

Winn Volkswagen Newark CA
Winn Volkswagen Newark CA


A paramount consideration in the design of the 2024 ID.4 is safety. The Volkswagen electric SUV balances a full-bodied safety architecture with a reinforced safety cell. It offers a set of airbags tactically placed throughout the cabin. Advanced driver-assistance features, such as forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, are available for accident prevention purposes. This arrangement protects the driver and passengers.

The ID.4's commitment to security goes beyond its occupants. There are also integrated features designed to enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety. Volkswagen's commitment to creating a safe driving environment makes the ID.4 count as a reliable and responsible choice for safety-conscious consumers.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the 2024 ID.4 showcases the Volkswagen brand's pledge to merging functional design with modern aesthetics in its electric vehicles. The electric compact SUV radiates sophistication, featuring a sleek silhouette and clean lines. A front grille illuminated by intricate LED lighting creates a distinctive identity for the ID.4 as you navigate the Sunnyvale area. The aerodynamic profile enhances efficiency and contributes to the SUV's overall appeal. With an ideal balance between form and function, the VW ID.4's design captures attention while personifying the brand's cutting-edge vision.

Interior Design

Get inside the new Volkswagen ID.4, and you will feel greeted by a meticulously crafted interior and a spacious cabin that reflects a contemporary design. The first-class materials create an atmosphere of elegance for your treks around Redwood City. The extensive panoramic sunroof allows light to naturally flood the interior, enhancing the open space. Ergonomically designed seats ensure a comfortable drive, while custom ambient lighting adds a personalized touch to your Hayward adventures. Volkswagen's attention to detail is visible in the integration of intuitive controls, creating a special driver environment that combines aesthetics with functionality.

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The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 emerges as a convincing electric SUV that seamlessly integrates technology, style, and performance. With a design that balances safety and modern aesthetics, it also has advanced technology. The ID.4 demonstrates Volkswagen's assurance to be influential in the future of electric mobility. As the automotive industry shifts toward sustainability, the ID.4 is at the forefront, offering a quick look into the exciting possibilities of the electric vehicle scene. Learn how you can finance or lease a new Volkswagen vehicle by contacting our local finance center.