Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change at Winn Volkswagen of Newark

A synthetic oil change is probably our most popular oil change service at Winn Volkswagen of Newark. That’s because, for most customers of recent Volkswagen models, your vehicle will likely require a synthetic oil change and won’t accept conventional oils. Synthetic oils are highly refined and provide many performance benefits that you won’t get from conventional oil. How do you know if this service is right for your vehicle, though? Your owner’s manual is a great place to start looking. Otherwise, consulting with one of our service professionals is never a bad idea. They’ll look up your vehicle’s information within our system and let you know whether or not a synthetic oil change is what you need. If it is, your vehicle is going to be highly protected for quite some time with a synthetic oil change service from Winn Volkswagen of Newark.

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Synthetic Oils vs. Conventional Oils

Conventional oils are the original oil change service that has been performed for years, with perfectly acceptable results for most vehicles. They’re still a great option, too, for any of our customers who need conventional oil changes at Winn Volkswagen of Newark. Synthetic oils came around later, as oils became more refined and offered protection for your engine in ways that conventional oils just don’t. Synthetic oils are usually better for vehicles that do lots of towing and off-roading and work better when put under the stress of extreme heat or extreme cold. They also generally last longer than conventional oils, with up to 10,000 miles of protection vs. 5,000 from conventional oils.

How Often Do You Need a Synthetic Oil Change Service?

It all depends. How frequently are you driving your vehicle? How often are you putting your vehicle under additional stress that causes your engine to work harder than usual? In general, synthetic oils can last up to 6 months or 10,000 miles (whichever comes first), but we always suggest going with what your owner’s manual says. It’s the best way to get your service done in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Full-Synthetic Oil Change

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One of the benefits of certified Volkswagen service in our Newark, CA service department is that we provide many amenities you won’t see anywhere else. Complimentary multi-point inspections are always fan-favorites when it comes to service, while complimentary Uber / Lyft services are another way we help our customers get around town while they wait for service. The next time you’re in the market for a Volkswagen synthetic oil change in Newark, CA, get your vehicle to Winn Volkswagen of Newark for a service experience that’s great for your Volkswagen - and it’s also great for you.

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