Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Volkswagen Semi-Synthetic Oil Change in Fremont Newark, CA

Our comprehensive Volkswagen maintenance menu includes semi-synthetic oil change service. Our certified technicians have extensive experience providing oil changes according to Volkswagen-certified quality with OEM motor oil and oil filters. We provide oil changes quickly according to factory specifications. Every oil change includes a complimentary multi-point inspection. Continue learning about semi-synthetic motor oil. Read about why Volkswagen drivers with older models and higher miles switch from conventional to semi-synthetic oil. Schedule a semi-synthetic oil change at Winn Volkswagen Fremont Newark, CA, near Milpitas, Union City, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Santa Clara, CA.

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Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil & Maintenance

Semi-synthetic motor oil is named after its blended composition of conventional and synthetic oils. This composition renders a motor oil with attractive qualities for many Volkswagen owners. Semi-synthetic motor oil outperforms conventional with synthetic attributes, such as a smaller molecule, thinner viscosity, and greater resistance to thermal breakdown. The conventional portion of semi-synthetic oil’s composition allows a reduced price than full-synthetic. The attractive benefit of semi-synthetic motor oil is that it provides better performance than conventional at a lower price than full-synthetic. Semi-synthetic motor oil requires change services every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

About Switching from Conventional to Semi-Synthetic Oil

Volkswagen is world-renowned for durable combustion engines. Many Volkswagen models have higher miles with engines lubricated by conventional motor oil. Volkswagen engines lubricated by conventional motor oil can benefit from switching to semi-synthetic, providing better lubrication, internal component protection, and extended engine life.

Avoid the Delayed Oil Change Consequences

Oil changes are significantly related to long-lasting engine performance. Oil changes at the recommended miles clean the engine by removing broken-down oil full of debris while introducing fresh lubrication at optimum viscosity. This is what happens to the engine when oil changes occur after the recommended miles/interval:

  • Engine must work harder and hotter due to the increased friction and heat
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Faster internal component degradation
  • Premature repairs
  • Reduced vehicle reliability
  • Shorter engine life
Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Schedule Service at Winn Volkswagen Fremont Newark, CA

Volkswagen owners can schedule semi-synthetic oil change service appointments online or by phone. Many customers choose to schedule online at their convenience, as the portal features 24-7 access and guided information submission within two to three minutes. During oil changes, most customers unwind in the comfortable waiting area furnished with flat-screen TVs, business workstations, and vending machines, courtesy of Wi-Fi.

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