Winn Volkswagen Lease Returns serving Fremont, Newark and Hayward.

Schedule your Complimentary Lease Return Today 

Follow these easy steps to complete the process:

1. Set-up Lease-End Vehicle Inspection 

Volkswagen mails all of their lease customers a Lease-End Packet within 90-days of the lease maturity date

The information within that packet provides details related to Excess Wear-and-Tear, the Inspection process and how to schedule that Inspection

*If you have yet to receive this information, contact Volkswagen Credit Lease-End Services at 800.521.0171


2. Schedule Lease Return Appointment 

Monday thru Friday between 10 am - 6 pm by Appointment only

After your car has been inspected, call Winn Volkswagen's Lease Maturity Team at 510.651.5900, Extension 210. We will review the Lease Return process and assist you with the lease or purchase of your replacement vehicle or purchase of your currently leased vehicle

Your call may go to voicemail but it will be returned if you leave a message

Space is extremely limited so please plan ahead


3. Return Vehicle to Winn Volkswagen

The following items are required for lease return:

  • Vehicle must be returned by lessee 
  • Owner's Manual and accompanying pamphlets
  • All vehicle keys (including valet/wallet key)
  • Spare Tire or Emergency Tire Inflation Kit (eGolf)
  • Navigation Disc (if applicable)
  • Portable Charging Receptacle (eGolf)
  • Any other accessories listed on the lease contract

That's It

  • This process will take less than 15 minutes
  • We will provide you a copy of the lease return form/odometer statement with date of return
  • Within 10-14 days of completing this process, you should receive your final statement from Volkswagen Credit 
Please speak with our sales advisor for more information.
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