Winn Volkswagen Lease Returns serving Newark.

Official Lease Return Headquarters

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You can return your leased Volkswagen to Winn Volkswagen regardless of where you originally took delivery.

Follow these three easy steps below to complete the transaction:

1. Schedule Vehicle Lease-End Inspection

Completed by SGS, VW Credit's independent lease inspection company

Call: (800) 340-4080.

We recommend contacting SGS 3-4 weeks in advance of your lease termination. (If you are too close to the lease-end date, skip to step 2 below).

2. Schedule Lease Return Appointment

After your car has been inspected, contact Winn Volkswagen to coordinate vehicle return.

Call: 855-419-9290, and ask for a Lease Return Specialist or Our  hours for lease returns are 10am till 6pm

If you would like to lease a new Volkswagen when you return your old one we can assist you with a no hassle experience

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3. Return Vehicle to Winn Volkswagen

   The following items are required for lease return:       

  • All vehicle keys (including valet key) 
  • Owner's Manual
  • Spare Tire
  • Navigation Disc. (if applicable)
  • Any other accessories listed on the lease contract


 One Final Vehicle Inspection Will be Conducted

  • This Process will take about 15 minuets
  • You will recieve a copy of the lease reture form with the details and a date of return.

Lease End Options

Buy-Out Your Lease Vehicle

See Winn Volkswagen for options of purchasing your current vehicle.

Inquire About a New


Lease Return

Schedule the required Lease end inspection through SGS. Then bring your vehicle to Winn VW for lease return.